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Restaurant: Valbella

From the beautiful ambiance with a spiral staircase and comfortable decor to the attentive staff. Valbella offers outstanding Northern Italian food.

The Northern Italian menu oozes exurban prosperity, with lobster, truffle, and caviar garnishing many plates. Still, you’re upmarket in a carnivorous district: Veal—chops, scallopine, and medallions—appears in many forms, even as succulent Chicken alla Romana, adorned with artichokes and red peppers in a garlicky truffle-lime sauce, most impresses. Carpaccio showcases a fine fillet with citrus, sheets of parmesan, and greenmarket-fresh arugula, and pastas like spaghetti con maiale show Valbella at its best.


421 W. 13th St., New York,


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